The LG 32LF7700 - A First Look

Published: 08th December 2009
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The LG 32LF7700 is one of the latest additions to the LG LCD flat screen series. This television meets all of the quality standards of the LG televisions and has extra features to assure that energy standards are met. The television comes with an array of functions and features within the slim design of this light flat screen television.

There are many features and functions built within the LG 32LF7700. The thirty-two inch television provides a user with a lightweight and dynamic piece of electronics that sits atop a swivel base. The casing is highly polished and scratch resistant and will fit with any decor.

The LG 32LF7700 has an Intelligent Sensor 2 which automatically adjusts the depth and colour density of the television to accommodate the light in a room. This sensor also makes automatic adjustments to the backlight when it is not needed.

Freesat has been built into the LG 32LF7700 so that when the BBC and ITV move to the system by 2012 the televisions will be already prepared for the change. The digital satellite system will be presenting in HD imaging. With it's high definition system in place a person will not notice a chance in service. The side and rear jack packs provide HDMI and ports that allow connectivity to DVD players, gaming systems and PCs at the same time.

The video processing sensors provide an ability for the system to calculate frames prior to the real frame in action sequences. This feature removes blurring and flickering when images are moving across the screen very quickly. Because of the high contrast ratio the detailing found in different levels of black creates an enhanced palette for the color dynamic.

The Intelligent Sensor in the LG 32LF7700 provides automatic adjustment to several aspects of colour definition. It automatically adjusts the color and brightness of the picture to match the room that the television is in. The sensor also has an automatic back light system and several indicators when the system is idle too long.

The SRS TruSurround XT is the basis for the speaker system which provides clear and quality sound. The system reduces noise distraction, enhances voice quality on movies, and has an automatic audio volume control. A headphone can be used with the system and the stereophonics will remain unchanged. In addition the bass distortion is minimized through the adjustments made automatically by the system. An Ethernet port allows the LG 32LF7700 to be used as a screen option by Internet users. The television can be used as the receiver for on line video transmission or for Internet chatting. This option also allows one to save MPEG, JPG, and video files.

Shopping for a LCD television can seem overwhelming with the number of televisions and the types of functions that many have. When deciding on the kind of television to invest in, one will want to discuss the features and options provided by the LG 32LF7700. This individual will be able to give detailed information regarding the intricacies of the television.

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