The Samsung UE40B7000 TV - One For Your Shortlist

Published: 28th January 2010
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The Samsung UE40B7000 TV Reviewed

The Samsung UE40B7000 is one of the top performers in the mid-range class of LCDs. This has the standard black casing common to all electronics, and this one has a platinum black color, leaving it slightly glossier. The stem is clear, giving it a more contemporary look, and setting it slightly apart from others on the market. It is an attractive set, even following the trends currently on the market.

These are being marketed as the new LED TVs, and they are an LCD set, with the back lights set around the edge of the screen. This is supposed to make the picture brighter and help with the clarity to the set. Many report that the picture looks slightly soft, and that the lighting is no brighter then a plasma set. The one thing about this new design, is that the set itself measures about an inch wide, so the super slim look is achieved though it.

This 1080p HD TV does come with 4 HDMI slots, 2 USB ports and digital audio jacks. It also has Ethernet capabilities, Scart slots and has Free view already installed, so you can watch programs without extra equipment.

The set is helped with high action scenes with the Motion plus technology, which allows you to always see what is happening on the screen. The Mega Contrast gives a deep, rich black, but on very dark scenes, the edge back lights distort this somewhat, with the edges showing some of the brightness through it.

The Samsung UE40B7000 only has a few problems, and these are listed. Many cases adjusting your own settings can help, and the picture is fantastic with rich colors and an image that is wonderful to watch. The brightness is not distracting, and many with plasma sets will not notice a difference at all.

You do get plenty of extra features on this set, and Yahoo widget is the newest of them. You can use others to stay in touch with the weather and sports. You an also view other internet content, making this one of the few that fully interacts at the price range. If you want to watch more content, the USB port can allow you to view removable media on your set in HD, too.

The main problem is with the audio. This set is too thin to hold speakers that can give you a true sound experience, and you may find that you will need an external audio system to fully enjoy the cinematic scope of some movies. The sound is good for its limitations, but is slightly tinny sounding at high volumes.

The energy the Samsung UE40B7000 is superior to others on the market. Averaging about 100 to 130w, this significantly uses less energy, and this can translate into high savings for you on your bills. This set over all is an exceptional value and a quality product that will give many hours of enjoyment.

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