The Sony KDL-52EX703 TV Reviewed

Published: 25th March 2010
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This is the era of modernization and so is the case in electronics market. There are many LCD screens available but to find a good LCD which offers best performance and quality is a bit of problem these days. The best manufacturers in electronics industry are coming up with new ideas, designs and technology to make things easier for consumers. Most of the people who go out to shop for LCD do not know what to buy since there is a great variety and range of models and designs available which make choice much more difficult, most of the people do not have understanding of electronics at all. SONY is going to introduce its new model of LCD, the Sony KDL-52EX703. It promises to offer something different to match the tagline of Sony "The TV that has everything but doesn't cost the earth".

This LCD is 52" (132cm) in size and is suitable for both home and office use and it has technology like no other in the market. This particular model offered by SONY has LED on its backlight which most of other TV models do not have. This LED saves power and gives an ultimate TV watching experience. This is a definite advantage when it comes to counting pluses of a new product.

The unique selling proposition attached with this Bravia screen is perhaps its slim edge screen with extremely smooth moving picture display. This quality and character of this screen makes it a highly in-demand commodity in this genre of consumer electronics.

The Giga-contrast technology used in this television delivers the ultimate picture quality by defining the black and white textures to match the environment. It supports the resolution of 1920x1080 and this screen is full HD video supported and is capable of playing 1080p HD videos.

Another intriguing aspect of this screen is its presence sensor which helps in power consumption. It is a cleverly embedded motion sensor within the LCD screen that can detect motion in front of the TV and in case there is not motion for a set period of time then the screen goes in power saving or off mode automatically.

DLNA technology is introduced in Sony's new LCD which makes it possible to play multimedia content from other devices which are compatible with Bravia. This television can be connected with a wireless network in home due to presence of Wi-Fi in it. Laptops and mobile can be connected to this LCD anywhere from home. Wi-Fi dongle stick is required to do all this and then you can play anything on Bravia from your favorite Wi-Fi devices.

Color tone can be adjusted according to the requirement due to the presence LiveColor technology. This LCD offers four color modes which are more than in any LCD available in the market today.

With all these great features Sony KDL-52EX703 will make an impact in the market and possibly beat all other brands available with its cutting edge technology. It will be the choice of people who want an ultimate home theater experience.

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